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Across greatest population countries around the world today, underneath most of the brightest professional cyclists, and throughout the streets of the world's most populous nations, you'll find bicycles designed and built by Exitway, ‘The Universal Charming Bicycle’.

For nearly two decades, Exitway has devoted itself to the growth of both cycling and cycling culture. Exitway has actively participated in the development of cycling, from that of simple transportation to its current popularity as a recreational and sport activity. Exitway believes the bicycle brings quality to life, and it takes personal responsibility for improving the cycling experience. The ability to bring new and healthier lifestyles to customers around the world makes Exitway proud.

The Exitway name is synonymous with tecnological innovation and the state-of-the-art throughout the universal bicycle industry. It represents a dedication to proving the best quality and most innovative bicycles to its supporters. Behind the Exitway name is a unique, Satisfactory and Total Best Value approach in designing, manufacturing and selling bicycles, and a commitment to not only recreational and competitive cycling, but also the bicycle industry and the environment, and responsibly bicycles for cyclists. Not Satisfied with being the well-known bicycle brand, Exitway is in constant pursuit of its vision of becoming 'The Best Bicycle in the World'.

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